Mastering Krav Maga volume III

Another David Kahn/IKMA production this time focussing on Firearm Defenses.

If this teaser is anything to go by, looks like another set to add to your collection.



Fight like a girl

IKMF Philippines Fight Like a Girl seminar. An all female seminar hosted by this team.

Really nice video production here as well.

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Krav Maga bus tactics seminar

Megan Cohen Kaddouch from the IKMF hosted this bus seminar in conjunction with the IKMF Italian team.

Some cool tactics and advice from what looked like an informative and enjoyable day.


Imi Lichtenfeld documentary — tribute to the Krav Maga founder

This week’s edition features the man himself — Imi Lichtenfeld. This is a tribute video about the Krav Maga founder by Krav Maga Training.


This collection of archival footage and imagery is a great homage to the man that has given us so much.

Make sure to check out 2:03 for a very agile (and older Imi) takedown!

A word of caution, accompanying music is way off the Imi spirit.

Retzev concepts — Kevin Mack

Kevin Mack explains the concept of Retzev or Retsef — continuous movement and flow in Krav Maga.

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Car rage Krav Maga tactics

Dan Oren (part of the IKMF GIT) leads this car rage seminar in Italy.

Some nice aggression, technique and drills shown. Real situations, real defences.

More information at Krav Maga Italia

Gun threat from front

Krav Maga Technique: Defending a pistol threat from the front

Ilya Dunski demonstrates the technique at various speeds and angles.


Tamir Gilad anti-carjacking

Tamir Gilad shows some anti-car jacking techniques in this video from the IKMF.

Tamir is part of the IKMFs Global Instructor Team.

More information: IKMF website

Demo Clip — Itay Gil

Itay Gil briefly explaining the origins and nature of Krav Maga and the differences between it and traditional martial arts.

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Jason Iannarino —How KRAV MAGA Changed My Life

I am a stand up comedian, a road comic. I have been for over 20 years. Being a comedian it is easy to pick up some bad habits. I found a way to pick up all of them. Two years ago I was drinking a bottle of whiskey every night. Not just a little bottle, but the “are-you-trying-to-kill-yourself?”, death wish sized bottles that you get at the liquor store. Not to mention the fact that I was smoking a pack of Marlboro cigarettes, eating fast food every day, and a number of other unmentionable, but equally horrible, habits.

One day I decided to make some changes. I checked into some AA meetings and swore to turn my life around. Unfortunately for me, AA meetings seemed to really depress me. I would walk out of the meetings thinking “Boy, that was depressing. I sure could use a drink!” Not a good idea.

I decided that instead of going to a bar every night, I would try to find a more positive place to spend my time. I thought, why not find a gym, or take up some sort of martial art? So I got online and started doing my homework.

It seemed to me that most martial arts fell into one of two categories: sports or self-defense. At 39 years old, I knew I did not want to compete in any sort of fight competitions. I wanted to find something that was purely self-defense. After days and weeks of research, I kept hearing about this thing called “KRAV MAGA.” I had never heard of it, but apparently it is the official self-defense combat system for the Israeli Special Forces and Mossad agents. (Probably some of the toughest people on this green earth!)

I decided to give it a try. I signed up for my first class. It was a game changer. They pushed me to my limits and made me do things I never thought I would be capable of. It wasn’t easy, and in fact, I almost puked several times that session. Literally puke. It wasn’t for sissies, but somehow, I got through it. I was hooked. I started going to classes four and five days a week. I started training one-on-one with black belts. They told me it would take six months to pass my level two test but after hard work, dedication, and sacrifice, I passed my level two test in just over three months!

I lost 45 pounds, all beer belly. I stopped smoking cigarettes. I stopped drinking. I stopped fast food, soda, and all of my other bad habits. I changed my diet. I changed the way I treated other people. My mission to quit drinking turned into a mission to improve other aspects of my life. I started to want to be a better man. I started to be less selfish, and consider others. I stopped womanizing. I started to adopt the warrior spirit and a better person. Now, when I take my shirt off and look in the mirror, I no longer cringe at the sight of a bloated, beer-bellied, dirt ball, and instead, I see a mean, lean muscled warrior with damn near six-pack abs. I treat people better. I make better decisions. I started to love myself.

I made the necessary changes in my life to become a better man. If I can do it, anyone can do it. You can do it! Why not sign up for a class? It may change your life. It may even SAVE your life! It did mine!

Jason Iannarino is a stand up comedian and actor. Published with permission.