Imi Lichtenfeld documentary — tribute to the Krav Maga founder

This week’s edition features the man himself — Imi Lichtenfeld. This is a tribute video about the Krav Maga founder by Krav Maga Training.


This collection of archival footage and imagery is a great homage to the man that has given us so much.

Make sure to check out 2:03 for a very agile (and older Imi) takedown!

A word of caution, accompanying music is way off the Imi spirit.


Mastering Krav Maga Volume II Preview by David Kahn

Now this is a great preview of David Kahn’s upcoming DVD series Mastering Krav Maga Volume II: Impact & Edged Weapons.

Featuring instructor Rinaldo Rossi.

5 discs

400 minutes

Based on the three-time national award-winning book Krav Maga Weapon Defenses (YMAA 2012) by David Kahn.

The U.S. military granted David permission to include select training clips.

Volume II will be available by direct sale on and late summer.

I for one will be looking forward to this material. If you don’t already have David’s first series, you should get that now before this set comes out. Read my review of that set here.

Coming soon, Mastering Krav Maga Volume III: Firearm Defenses

Retzev concepts — Kevin Mack

Kevin Mack explains the concept of Retzev or Retsef — continuous movement and flow in Krav Maga.

More information at


The future of Krav Maga

This post is as simple as the title — what is the future of Krav Maga as you see it.

Points to consider:

    MMA influences

Keen to hear any thoughts!

Krav Maga ‘program’

I’ve noticed that with the popularity of our beloved Krav Maga, many traditional schools are now offering a ‘Krav Maga program’. This practice of offering Krav Maga as a little add-on or extension to their base martial art is spreading.

Many of these schools are affiliated with questionable organizations that have also been popping up in parallel with Krav Maga’s popularity.

This sudden ‘rush to market’ approach is ever so evident when one YouTube instructor teaches ‘inside the fence’ instead of ‘inside defense’ — you can take that 3 day certification and… you can guess!

Let’s get back to the time when every belt or certification was earnt, when instructors had real knowledge, where instructors were actually Krav Maga students themselves!!

Krav Maga Politics

It’s been a very long time in between posts! I felt that I needed a few months to fully digest the year of many changes.

In the year of Imi’s 100 year, some drastic changes have taken place that affects the Global Krav Maga community.

Some positives: the successful celebrations around the world to highlight Imi’s 100th year – special mention must be given to the South American Krav Maga Federation for an outstanding event in Brazil that united (for a while) the various Krav Maga organizations for a common cause – celebration of Imi’s life and vision!

This year has also brought out many negatives and splintering of an already splintered community. The biggest hit has occured in the International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF) in which the leader of that organization was allegedly expelled, formed a rival organization and left many not knowing which way is up!

Gabi Noah had already left to form IKM prior to this, although he continued to work closely with the IKMF.

Another recent departure has seen Eli Ben Ami join Gabi in the IKM (taking many territories with him). This leaves Avi Moyal heading up the IKMF with a new GIT and international representatives – although it is obvious that the IKMF is in a rebuilding period.

As mentioned, Eyal Yanilov has formed Krav Maga Global (KMG) and taken many countries with him as well as a fare share of teaching talent. KMG is not a transition of the IKMF, rather a new group entirely (made up of former IKMF people).

The Israeli Krav Maga Association (IKMA), Imi’s original organization now headed up by Haim Gidon, continues to build.

If we also add the ever growing number of new Krav Maga organisations, some with extremely questionable lineages, we as a community are even more apart, less united. At least it was pleasurable for those few moments in Brazil all those months (seems like years) ago.

History of Krav Maga

An introduction into the history of Krav Maga from the Human Weapon series.

For further information on the history of Krav Maga, check out our earlier written post on the matter.

360° defence

A second video featured from the Human Weapon series, this simple and effective technique is also one of the first things you will learn in the early stages of Krav Maga.

Much like Wing Chun’s Chi Sao (Sticky Hands), this technique improves your sensitivity and reaction time from multiple angles.

The basics, front choke defence

From the Human Weapon series, featured here is one of the first defences you will learn in Krav Maga – the front choke defence.

Krav Maga weapons training

Footage from a Hungarian TV excerpt on the IKMF. This video features weapons usage, defensive tactics, disarms against pistols and machine guns and personal protection. A great insight into the complexities of the IKMF system.