Car rage Krav Maga tactics

Dan Oren (part of the IKMF GIT) leads this car rage seminar in Italy.

Some nice aggression, technique and drills shown. Real situations, real defences.

More information at Krav Maga Italia


In the Presence of masters: Canada’s greatest kept secret weapon – Nir Maman

Some good insights into the role Krav Maga plays in the IDF. A nice appraisal of Nir Maman as well.

Urban Tactics Krav Maga


For those who is willing to do some research on the latest and best Krav Maga instructors, Sergeant Major Nir Maman’s name is definitely among the top 10. Sergeant Major Nir Maman moved to Canada from Israel when he was a young boy. His parents put him in French immersion school to help him adapt to Canadian culture. He wasn’t the most popular kid in the world and spent much of his adolescents with another fellow Jew. This could be considered a normal life for any immigrant that doesn’t quite fit in, if it wasn’t for the fact that Nir and his friend were Jewish…………. Near the end of my instructor course Nir told us the instance that set him on the path to becoming one of the leading counter-terrorist experts in the world.

One day Nir and his friend were waiting at a bus stop to go home. Between…

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