Eyal Yanilov groundwork

Here Eyal Yanilov, chief instructor of Krav Maga Global (KMG), demonstrates various techniques at different speeds. Of particular interest is the groundwork — or rather the efforts in getting off the ground in that particular situation. Nice work!


Kevin Mack on roundhouse kicks

Kevin Mack explains traditional Krav Maga roundhouse kicks and why he prefers them over the Muay Thai style roundhouse kick. Great video from a very knowledgeable instructor!

Krav Maga is bullshit

That’s right. You heard correctly. Watch this very funny video to see what Master Ken from Ameri-Do-Te thinks of Krav Maga. Another great video from the Enter The Dojo crew. Be sure to check out their other non Krav Maga videos — I’m sure your art, whatever it might be, is bullshit as well!

Krav Maga Reality Show?

DEFEND: Los Angeles will take entertainment and education to a whole new level by showcasing some of the most extreme and realistic self defense training drills and scenarios ever seen on US Television. All recruits of the show have experienced some level of violence in their lives, some more severe than others. They have little self-defense experience and they live together for 14 days (over 13 episodes) in military style quarters. They will train in Krav Maga, a powerful self defense system taught to SWAT teams, Special Forces, Celebrities and Civilians throughout the US. These recruits will train in real life environmental conditions, experience ‘as real as it get’s training scenarios and battle the stress and shock of training individually and against one another to overcome the physiological effects of real life attacks. Only the dedicated will become the ‘Ultimate Krav Maga Defender’.

Let’s hope to see this on our tv screens soon.