Israeli Krav Maga New York City

I’m a big fan of David’s work and I am eagerly anticipating his DVD series.

According to the blurb, video excerpts feature Avital Zeisler, David Kahn, Abel Kahn, David Ordini and Pat Smullen (IKM NYC’s main instructors).

Clips are taken from David Kahn’s forthcoming Mastering Krav Maga DVD series.


Krav Maga ‘program’

I’ve noticed that with the popularity of our beloved Krav Maga, many traditional schools are now offering a ‘Krav Maga program’. This practice of offering Krav Maga as a little add-on or extension to their base martial art is spreading.

Many of these schools are affiliated with questionable organizations that have also been popping up in parallel with Krav Maga’s popularity.

This sudden ‘rush to market’ approach is ever so evident when one YouTube instructor teaches ‘inside the fence’ instead of ‘inside defense’ — you can take that 3 day certification and… you can guess!

Let’s get back to the time when every belt or certification was earnt, when instructors had real knowledge, where instructors were actually Krav Maga students themselves!!